Speakers cables​ - Signature Edition

Our Classic Series SC-5 drew universal consumer and trade publication praise alike in 2005, the year if it's introduction, winning's Editor's Choice Award, Tone Audio's Exceptional Value Award, and Positive Feedback's Writer's Choice Award in rapid succession. What to do for an encore? We decided to make a good thing even better... Our Custom Shop style, hand crafted, and indeed Hot-Rodded SC-5SE is robustly built with a double, or "shotgun" run of SC-5, now using an all new SG-1 architecture. Following the extrusion process' original fabrication directionality, we twist two twin arrays of 14 gauge conductor strands into one single positive, and one single negative 10 gauge conductor per channel. Furutech's cryogenically treated and demagnetized OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper FP-201 Gold or Rhodium plated spades & FP-202 Gold or Rhodium plated locking bananas are the superbly crafted ends of choice. SC-5's 266 silver over copper strands per conductor are then tinned with Cardas Audio's exceptional Quad Eutectic solder, optimizing fidelity and performance. Since its introduction 4 years ago, SC-5SE has already garnered enthusiastic praise of its own. says: "Bass had massive authority, in weight and detail. Soundstage was huge, [with] focus and a cushion of acoustical air around each instrument... wide, deep, three-dimensional and solid... The overall impression was one of humanizing the recorded event. Real people were performing; real instruments were creating the sound. "Hifi" was replaced by a more intimate experience of a real event."

Breathtaking, spellbinding, and astoundingly musical, the SC-5SE and all new SC-5SE(R) are here.